short story " aero company "

One day there are some aero company. When he remember that he had promise to get some toy wings(pin pilot), like the onen which pilot wear for is children. When the air hostess(pramugari) came round to ask each passenger wether he wanted something to drink before. The business man ask her wether she had any of the toy wings.
          “o yes sir, she answer, ia m going to bring the passengers their suffer soon but after that,i will bring you the wings.
          Although it was stormy day and the aero plen was going up and down quite alot, the business man enjoyed his suffer but he notice  did not ea any of his suffer. The business man feel sorru for him.
          After the passengers had finish their suffer,the air hostess came and took their trays away.   And then she remembered the wings for the business children, so she went to the box which the present were  kept in and took some out but she had forgotten which passengers had ask for the wings. She knew in which part of the plane he was but she tought that it was the man in front of the business man, the poor man who was feeling sick.
          The iron hostess now stoped as this man’s seat. And ask him wether he was the gentleman who had wanted the wings. The man looked up at her  with frightened eye then he looked out at the window at the threatening cloud which surrounded the aero plan and said “ no, i did not ask for wings, are we going to need them?


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